How to start trading binary options with real money

By Dwight Carbone | Binary Options

Oct 17

Binary trading involves lots of investing and huge sums of money are invested, earned and lost in this trading market every day. However, money is not the only thing you should invest when you decide to trade binary options. It requires your time, knowledge and effort – at least if you want to be successful in it.

Before you start trading

binary-optionsMany people dread binary trading precisely because involves a lot of money. Even though initial deposit can be as low as $100, more serious earnings require more serious investments. It may be intimidating to invest large quantities of money while you are still at the beginning of the trading career. This is why you need to go step by step and practice the trading process first.
Before you start trading binary options, it is essential to choose a reliable broker. Read the blogs and reviews to discover which brokers are recommended by other users. When you visit the broker’s website, make sure to explore it thoroughly. Also, learn about the broker’s background, again by reading online reviews and comments from other users.
If you are at the beginning of your trading career, choose a website that offers demo account. Most of the brokers have such platform, where you can sign up and trade with virtual money. This means that there is nothing to win, but also nothing to lose.

Demo accounts

Demo account is a feature you can find with most reliable brokers, and they often offer it for free. It serves to help you get to know the platform, see if it is convenient for you and practice your trading strategy. You are allowed to use it for a limited period of time, and it depends on the broker how long you can trade with virtual money. After this period expires, you need to switch to real money trading.
If you use some of the automated trading systems, like Brit Wealth System, you need to have a real money account with the broker. Therefore, it is good to know that you can only use such systems when you finish practicing on a demo account and start trading with real money.


Paper trading

tradinggraphIf your demo trading account expires and you still do not think you are ready to start investing real money, you can go on with paper trading. It involves following the market fluctuations and the movements on the trading platform, but making “imaginary” trades by writing the parameters on the paper.
You should write down which assets you would trade, how much money you would invest, and add the expiry time of the option. When the time passes, note whether you would win or lose the trade and how big would the earning or the loss be.
Once you have enough winning trades than the lost ones, and you notice that you would earn money if you start trading, you can register for a real account with the binary broker you choose. This is when you will be not only skillful enough, but also self-confident enoughto trade.

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